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+<meta name="Description" content="The Minimalist Mailing Lists Manager homepage">
+<meta name="Keywords" value="Minimalist, Minimalist Home, Minimalist Mailing List, Minimalist Mailing List Manager, Minimalist Web Site, Minimalist Site, Minimalist List Manager, Download Minimalist">
+<meta name="OWNER" type="email" value="doka.ua@gmail.com">
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+<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=2 color=blue>
+Hi, I have just started converting the lists I host from SmartList
+to Minimalist. I'm running it all under Linux and have been very pleased
+with the ease, speed and flexibility of Minimalist as compared to
+SmartList and Majordomo.<br><br><i>Joe Klemmer</i>
+<p><p>Incredible. Simple, powerful and reliable, this Minimalist keeps
+up de *NIX style. I used to hold several mail list with Mailman (5MB
+source) but this 30Kb source Minimalist gives me the same service.<br><br>
+<p><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">
+<center><font size=4><b>Minimalist v2 Homepage</b></font></center>
+<p><br><br><hr><center><font size=2 color=red>
+Please, note, that Minimalist is no longer supported by author.
+If you like this tool and have time and inspiration, you
+can incur this work.</font><hr><br><br></center>
+<p><font size=3><b><u>What is this?</u></b></font>
+<p><font size=2>Minimalist stands for <i>Minimalistic Mailing Lists Manager</i>. Although
+it is declared as minimalistic, it has many features as his eldest brosers,
+such as Majordomo and so on, but in contrast to them it is very small, fast,
+simple for setup and maintenance. Also it has very clean internal structure and
+if you are familiar with Perl, you can add as many additional features, as you
+<p>Supported features are:<ul>
+<li>subscribe/unsubscribe users by request<ul>
+ <li> including write-only option of subscription</ul>
+<li>several levels of security
+<li>read-only/closed/mandatory lists
+<li>information about list; users, subscribed to list; lists, to which user subscribed
+<li>per-user options:<ul>
+ <li>read-only (for open lists)
+ <li>write allow (for read-only lists)
+ <li>maximum message size</ul>
+<li>susped/resume subscription
+<li>archiving lists (internal and external), with configurable maximum size of archived message
+<li>multilanguage support
+<li>process MIME-encoded messages<ul>
+ <li>including support for local charset (for reports and footer)</ul>
+<li>external delivery of processed message
+<li>logging activity
+<p>Minimalist doesn't support digests and author isn't even going to make this
+support available.
+<p>Basic language of Minimalist is English, additional languages can be found
+ in <a href="languages/">languages area</a>.
+<p>You may look into <a href="minimalist.conf-sample">example of configuration file</a>.
+<p>Installation and maintenance instruction <a href="README">is available</a>.
+<p><font size=3><b><u>Where to download?</u></b></font>
+<p>Latest <b>stable</b> version of Minimalist is 2.5(3), changes reflected <a
+<p>You can download this piece of software here:
+<a href="minimalist.tar.gz">MINIMALIST.tar.gz</a>.<br>
+Also you can browse <a href="LIST/">this directory</a>for previous versions of Minimalist.
+<!--<p><font size=3><b><u>Is author reachable?</u></b></font>
+<p>Yes, of course, I'm reachable via e-mail as
+<a href="mailto:doka@ua">Vladimir Litovka &lt;doka@ua&gt;</a>.
+Bug reports, feature requests, encourages and so on are very welcome :-) But I
+need to say, that usually I don't have many free time and can't quickly respond to your
+mails. I you are afraid, that I've missed or forgotten your mail, don't
+hesitate to send it next time, with word 'MINIMALIST' in subject - this helps
+me more effectively filter messages. Thank you.
+<p><br><table width=75%><tr><td align=right>
+<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=2 color=blue><b>
+Yours sincerely,
+<br>Vladimir Litovka.