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+// Minimalist Admin local config file.
+// Specify a list_name if you don't want to use the list name from lists.lst.
+//$CONF['list_name'] = "Example List";
+// If you want to allow the use of list-writers uncomment below
+//$CONF['list_writers'] = "enable";
+// Specify the subscribe / unsubscribe text.
+//$CONF['list_subscribe'] = "Thank you for subscribing! An email has been sent to you for subscription approval.";
+//$CONF['list_unsubscribe'] = "We hate to loose you, come again soon! An email has been sent to you for unsubscription approval.";
+// Specify the error messages.
+//$CONF['error_email_nomatch'] = "<span class=\"error\">ERROR: The two email addresses don't match!</span>\n";
+//$CONF['error_email_notvalid'] = "<span class=\"error\">ERROR: You have not entered a correct email address!</span>\n";